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Presentation of new creativity model at R&D Management Conference

I presented a new model for supporting creativity called our LCD (Listen, Connect, Do) Model at the R&D Management Conference in Stuttgart in June 2014. The model builds on the ideas of Design Thinking by Kelley et al at IDEO and on Theory U by Scharmer at MIT. You can find more details on these ideas at:  

Attended International Conference on Design Creativity

I attended the 2nd International Conference on Design Creativity in Glasgow this week where I presented a paper entitled ‘Play, Autonomy and the Creative Process. Some pictures of the trip below. Good to get an update of what’s happening around the world in terms of design creativity research as well as on how the commercial sector is applying design creativity.


Attending 3-day Plastic Electronics Workshop

I am attending a 3-day interactive workshop next week (1st – 3rd March) run by the UK Technology Strategy Board that is “to find end-use applications and associated designs that can be used within plastic electronics and produce demonstrators with potential for real commercial value … The Technology Strategy Board has allocated up to £3m to fund industry-led collaborative demonstrator development projects arising from the workshop.” Should be an interesting and fun experience.