Attending 3-day Plastic Electronics Workshop

I am attending a 3-day interactive workshop next week (1st – 3rd March) run by the UK Technology Strategy Board that is “to find end-use applications and associated designs that can be used within plastic electronics and produce demonstrators with potential for real commercial value … The Technology Strategy Board has allocated up to £3m to fund industry-led collaborative demonstrator development projects arising from the workshop.” Should be an interesting and fun experience.

WISE KIDS conference

As my role as a non-exec Director on WISE KIDS I thought I should promote the upcoming 1 day conference WISE KIDS are hosting in South and North Wales respectively (together with the Wales Internet Safety Partnership) on “Young People in a Digital World 2010 – Preparing, Supporting and Inspiring”. See more at the

Funding for Rikoset

The new venture called Rikoset (pronounced ricochet), that I am a non-exec Director of, has recently secured £40k worth of funding to develop (and test) new protective garments for the sports sector. An exciting journey awaits.