New ways to teach sustainability

You might like to read the article by Henry Wong in Design Week, entitled ‘Design, Climate, Action: education is exploring new ways to teach sustainability’ that includes some of my thoughts and where I highlight some of the student work undertaken on the Innovation Design Engineering and Global Innovation Design Programmes (programmes jointly run between the RCA and Imperial College London).

Public Lecture on ‘Being Creative: Our Purpose in Life?

This is a video of my inaugural Professorial Lecture where I share my thoughts on why creativity is important for our own happiness, for the happiness of others and for our learning and growth. I highlight different ways creativity can manifest, and present some of the key factors that affect our creativity, including the role of purpose and our ‘state of being’. Finally, I reflect on the implications for how we educate our students, and how we run our organisations.

Note that I refer to a video clip in my talk of a famous try in rugby which could not be recorded for copyright reasons, so follow this link to watch it.