Participating in ‘Trauma Pack’ Development

I am currently involved in a seven month project to develop a production ready version of the Trauma Pack to meet the needs of the International Committee of the Red Cross. The aim is to make the Trauma Pack available for deployment in large-scale humanitarian emergencies. The work is supported by the Wales Life Sciences Bridging Fund.

Findings of Innovate Uk study on attention tracking

HRV Monitor DataI recently completed a technical feasibility project (as part of my work at the Centre for Creativity)  part-funded by Innovate UK showing that it is possible to track and improve attention and relaxation levels  in real-time using biofeedback of heart rate variability (HRV) measures.  The software solution I developed, together with Dimitrios Zampelis, runs on an iPhone and communicates wirelessly in real-time with ‘Bluetooth smart’ heart rate monitors such as the Mio Alpha 2 and Mio Fuse watches.

You can see more details on the results of the study on the Centre for Creativity website.


Innovate UK funding for feasibility study to track attention levels

I recently started a new project at the Centre for Creativity to design, develop and evaluate a new way of using biofeedback of a person’s heart rate to track their own attention and relaxation levels and to help train and improve their levels of relaxed focus, sometimes referred to as ‘flow’ and ‘mindfulness’. The hope is that such a solution could be used to help children suffering from attention deficit disorders, but could have applications in much wider areas of use.

The project will run from September 2015 to March 2016 and is funded by Innovate UK.